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The SLOW Concept Store was born to create a place that will be more than just a store.

It’s a place where sustainability, respect for our planet, people and animals are met with passion for creating a community of caring, loving, conscious and responsible people.

We offer collections of carefully selected sustainable brands tested on us, our families and friends. The goods are made from natural, recycled or certified materials, ethically and sustainably produced with low impact on our enviroment. They have been chosen for their timeless and minimalistic designs so they will be loved by you for years.

Let’s try to SLOW down, take a sustainable initiative into our own hands, and show people that there can be a better, more sensible, way of living - the SLOW way of living.

Keep it slow

SLOW Concept Store

Medená 17

811 02 Bratislava


+421 907 600 671

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