Bed Cover ŁYKO

PriceFrom €148.00
  • 100% pre-washed European linen

    Linen naturally breathes and with each wash and wear, it ages gorgeously. It also makes our skin rest, letting it do its natural thing, letting it be. A feel good feel.

  • ŁYKO is a brand created by two sisters – Helena and Maria. They both wanted to create durable and beautiful products which lies in simplicity and quality in the materials used. They again and again choose noble linen fabric in a modern softened version. 

    It is clothing made locally in Warsaw, Poland using only European linen. In 2018 the brand have received the prestigious MUST HAVE award from Łódź Design Festival. Very noble indeed.

    Linen is a great sustainable material to work with, production of flax fertilizes the soil, no chemicals are used in this process and the only waste during flax processing is dust. It is 100% natural fabric, completely biodegradable. Linen is very durable – it can be used for much longer than cotton. Its a love at first sight with linen!