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Ladies and gentlemen, we would love to introduce to you our very own, handpoured candles. Lighting up a candle can remind us to slow down and create a beautiful and serene atmosphere around us. 


These lovely smelling beauties are made from soy wax which means that burning the way doesn't generate any more CO2 into our atmnosphere and we can breathe better. You won't find any cotton wick in this candle, as the production of cotton is not very sustainable unless it is a organic one. Instead, you will be pleased to hear the cracking sound of a wooden wick, which sounds like crackling of wood, that soothing sound everyone adores.


The glass jar our candles come in can be then washed and used for storing of anything you fancy. As they are all sold in a pretty paper box, they are ready to be given away as a wonderful gift.  


Bourbon Plum Soya Candle Mini

  • Soy wax
    Wooden wick
    French fragrance oil

    Glass reusable container 
    Paper box


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