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Move to another dimension of care with our floral and herbal hot dog CRYSTAL CLOUD by Easy Livin '! This magical blend in combination with rock crystal will allow you to create a beauty ritual combined with meditation! Give yourself and your skin a moment of respite combined with deep relaxation! Our illuminating sausage is made of beneficial flowers and herbs that naturally nurture the skin and give it energy, and the mountain crystal will take care of your spiritual sphere!
The mountain crystal is mainly associated with the seventh chakra, the so-called Crown chakra. However, it has a salutary effect on all chakras, introduces harmony and facilitates the flow of energy to help you relax. It removes blockages, brings clarity of mind, and strengthens energy and aura.
We decided to put the whole thing in a beautiful brown "pharmacy" jar, which you can later use as a container, vase or mini carafe;)


Crystal Cloud - Glow Skin EASY LIVIN'


    • A crystal that stimulates cellular energy, cleanses the body and mind
    • Dandelion - leaves - cleans, detoxifies and restores balance
    • Raspberry leaves - removing and cleansing sebum deposits from pores and stubborn blackheads
    • Marigold flower - calms, smoothes and moisturizes
    • Rose petals and buds - natural antioxidants, reduces inflammation
    • Chamomile - soothes, smoothes
    • Hibiscus - naturally cleanses and smoothes wrinkles
    • Rosehips - supplements vitamin C, an antioxidant
    • Orange peel - illuminates and gives a natural glow
    • Lavender - has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, supports cell renewal
    • Blueberry - tones, soothes inflammation

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