This woolen suit from Engel Natur is a dream for every baby and parent. The wool suit is made of 100% merino wool fleece. It has long sleeves and legs with fold-overs, extra handy to keep the feet and hands even warmer in cold days. The overall goes on and off easily thanks to the wooden buttons. It's is very comfortable for the little ones to wear, it's soft and safe even for the most delicate and sensitive skin of newborns and allergy suffere. Thanks to the thermoregulatory properties, it works well both in colder and in warmer months. It protects the baby's skin against overheating or cooling down. Cuddly, cosy and warm – that is how fleece clothing from pure merino virgin wool feels. Merino virgin wool is finely crimped, does not itch and feels soft and cosy. Makes for a happier baby. Which means happier parents as well. 

Merino baby overall ENGEL

PriceFrom €65.00