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This cream is truly unique. Behind its creation lies a wonderful story about all the things in life we want more of. It is a story about a women's power, friendship, understanding and support. About what could have been a rivalry and became a synergy of ideas and an open exchange of thoughts and experiences.
We've got it! This cream was created as a collaboration between Ministerstwo and IOSSI laboratories. It's also the first time we've called upon the help of other wonderful women outside our circle. From the concept for the product, to the choice of packaging, the design of the label, the testing process and registration, and all the tedious accounting issues, there were eleven of us, all smart and committed women.
What can you expect then?
A rich, natural, sweet magic potion, designed to rejuvenate, moisturize, firm the skin and give you love. It is an exciting blend of rose and raspberry oils, red apple stem cells, a strong dose of vitamins and coenzyme Q10. It is a bomb filled to the brim with wonderful ferments, licorice extract and deeply penetrating squalane, which in combination with an innovative corneal-mimetic component create a powerful, nourishing formula, surrounding the skin with gentle care. It's the perfect balance between delicious, crazy pleasure and the daily need for warmth and tenderness. This blend is the best thing that can happen to us in the morning or in the evening. Or maybe in the morning and in the evening? Because the ladies like it in the morning and in the evening, don't they? Who doesn't...? And finally, this cream is a tribute to our Mom - an absolutely beautiful and sexy woman, who is more beautiful and sexy everyday. So much so we start to envy her beautiful maturity! The cream you are looking at is the second instalment of the rose and raspberry adventure created by women for women. Let it remind us all that the best we have is each other.


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