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A scrunchie made locally and sustainably from upcycled materials only. Handmade in a small local designer studio with care for you lions mane. 

Scrunchie MARNA

  • Upcycled 100% cotton canvas or 100% cotton

  • Marna is a local brand creating upcycled sustainable fashion and accessories. Everything is made with love in Trnava, Slovakia.

    It is a brand that strives to point out the socially responsible production of its products. Its beginnings date back to 2016, when it was created as a school project by Viktória Komárňanská at the Faculty of Architecture STU in Bratislava.

    They consider the idea of ​​fashion sustainability and the support of local design to be important, because they are aware of the dangers that the mass fashion industry poses to our planet and also to us, individuals. 

    Their goal is to make things responsible so that they are sustainable and slow. Marna upcycles its materials from secondhand stores. 

    Most of their pieces are ONE SIZE in size to fit different body types. Therefore, if your body changes and develops over time, don't worry, it's perfectly fine. You are beautiful and Marna will suit you. 

    The vision of the products is inspired by minimalism, elegance, aesthetics, purity, but also functionality. Marna tries to create pieces with a story that will be worn every day, but at the same time their bearers will feel exceptional in them.

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