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Meet your new ideal sporting companion: the Dopper Sport Cap. Helping you achieve both your health and sustainability goals, by turning your Dopper bottle into the perfect sports water bottle. Keeping single-use water bottles out of your sport and out of our oceans. Whether you are mountain biking through bright green woodlands, or taking to the foaming waves with a surfboard; the grey sport cap is your wingman. More into yoga? The Arctic Grey sport cap on a Blue Lagoon bottle will definitely match with your chakra.

Sport cap DOPPER

Colours: Arctic Grey
    • Suitable for Dopper Original, Dopper Steel 490 ml and Dopper Steel 800 ml
    • Dishwasher safe up to 65°C / 149°F
    • Made in the Netherlands
    • PP - Polypropylene
    • TPV - Thermoplastic Vulcanisate
    • All materials are BPA/plasticizer and toxin-free 

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