The Weducer Cup made from recycled coffee grounds is the ideal companion for conscientious, design-oriented coffee lovers and offers the perfect way to enjoy your favourite drink on the go. Or, it can be used as as a take-away container for your favourite foods and snacks. Just use the extra cap made for this convenience and enjoy whenever!


Every cup and cap is one-of-a-kind. The special appearance of the marbled surface that resembles wood is rounded off by a light coffee aroma. 


Little more information which can make you happier about this cup - they are break-proof up to a drop height of 1.5m, free of melamine-formaldehyde residue, vegan and free from plasticisers / BPA. 


Bottoms up!

Reusable Weducer Cup

  • Used coffee grounds and other renewable, plant-based resources that are hardened with biopolymers