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It took us a while to get into pine hydrosol, because this guy does not really smell like Christmas tree, nor a walk in the woods. As befits our hydrosols, its scent is rather adventurous, a cross between pine and an old slipper ;). But after some time, extensive tests on our families, and encouraged by great reviews coming from our French friends who manufacture it, we decided to add it to our product line. 
We import this organic mist from a small distillery located in a very picturesque part of Southern France. But let's get to the point: this hydrosol is for all skin types, and it is especially good for oily and problematic skin. For ladies who prefer slightly astringent and rather surprising scents, but also for gentlemen who need a helper in taking care of their skin after shaving.Gently cleanses, neutralizes redness and calms irritated skin, evening out its tone. It is refreshing and reduces sebum secretion, getting rid of oily skin shine. We recommend pine hydrosol in your morning or evening skincare routine: use it to clean your face and neckline, then apply a drop of oil (for instance, our raspberry seed oil). The skin will remain soft and moisturized. If you mix it with one of our clays, you will get a fantastic facial mask!
Peptides extracted from radishes preserve the floral water while providing a unique moisturizing effect.

Pine is a real treasure.
100 ml of the hydrosol was made from 200 g of plant material.

V-label Vegan certified.


  • Ingredients (INCI): Pinus Sylvestris Leaf Water, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

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